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Secret Desire started as a young company in February 2019 in Almere with a physical store in luxury erotic products and clothing.
The majority of this (party) clothing is suitable to wear to popular parties such as B.I.T.C.H. , Wasteland, Crazyland etc.

In our opinion, Almere (with a population of 200,000+) deserves to be a serious player in the erotic market since it was (almost) not there yet.
95% of the items offered belong to the middle and higher segment that we dare to give with confidence.

Finally, the web store is now ready so that we can offer more than 5000 products online.
Watch out!! We do not all have these articles in the store in Almere, because that is impossible.

So when you come to the store specifically for a product because you have seen it online in the web store, it is advisable to contact us in advance to avoid disappointment.
Of course you are always welcome to come and take a look and perhaps still succeed with another product.

The clothing in the physical store in Almere is not sold online and can only be fitted and purchased on site.
You can of course pay in cash as well as with a pin.

Secret Desire is located at the Markerkant 12 industrial estate in Almere-Stad (click on the Google Maps map at the bottom of the page)
You can park for free in front of the door!

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