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After payment of the order, we do our utmost to deliver to you via UPS package service within 2 to 5 business days.
If possible, we even ship the same day. (see the "send" tab)

The type of item, the stock (in store) and the payment method determine the speed of delivery.
After ordering one or more items, you will receive an overview and confirmation of your order via email.

If an item appears to be unavailable, you will also receive an email.
So make sure that your email address is entered correctly and that you regularly view it.
If you have not received any mail from us within 24 hours, also check the spam folder and / or recycle bin to be sure.

It can happen that one or more items are sold out or cannot be delivered immediately.
If this happens, we will hold your order.

You will automatically receive a message by email about the status of your backorder.
If the subsequent delivery concerns an item from a combination order, the costs for subsequent delivery will be borne by Secret Desire

If you live in the Almere region, you can also choose to pick up your order by appointment in the store in Almere
Since we also have to pay shipping costs for this delivery, we ask for an allowance for the costs of € 5,- if the order value remains below € 50.
If you order for a higher amount, no extra costs will be charged.

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