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At Secret Desire you can buy lubricant for any occasion such as anal lubricant, flavored lube or silicone based lubricants.
Lubricant makes sex with or without a toy even better and more comfortable.
Aquaglide 50X Portions PackAQUAglide - THE Original. Immerse yourself in an overwhelming feeling during love play: The crystal-clear original AQUAglide is a medical lubricant that provides a long-lasting, optimum moisture level with just a few drops. AQUAglide has been the best known and probably mo..
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Brand: BEPPY
Beppy Comfort Gel 250mlBeppy Comfort Gel is a pleasure-enhancing lubricant without parabens. To be used for additional vaginal lubricant, when using sex toys and certainly also for intimate massage. This transparent, odorless, grease-free, water-based gel is safe to use with condoms...
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Delay lubricant designed to aid delayed ejaculation and prolonged lovemaking.This gel is a safe way to get a more intense and satisfying orgasm. HOW TO USE:Gently apply a small amount of gel to the glans of your penis and leave to dry for a few minutes.For the first time, it is ..
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