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In the Massage category you will find products to make an erotic massage as a foreplay even more pleasant. Both oils with and without odor and / or taste, but also in the field of massage candles you are welkom with us.
Hot Effect Kissable Lubricant2 in 1 lubricant and warm effect massage oil with strawberry whipped cream aroma. HOW TO USE: Apply generously over the desired body area and massage gently. CHARACTERISTICS: "Airless" bottle dispensing system 50 ml. Can be used as massage oil and as a lubricant. C..
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Brand: CALEX
Keeping clean never looked so tempting. The Super Strap Super Sheet is an erotically shiny red sheet that inspires naughty thoughts galore before it even makes its way out of the box.This body-safe, PVC sheet can be draped over just about any surface you can imagine for sensual sensations,..
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