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Bathmate Control 7mlWhether you’re experiencing premature ejaculation or just want to last longer in bed, Bathmate Control lets you significantly delay orgasm, helping you and your partner have longer-lasting, more pleasurable sex from start to finish...
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Big Boy Golden Delay Gel 50mlBig Boy Golden Delay Gel can help to delay the moment of ejaculation and contributes to an improved sexual intercourse.This unique gel has a slight nourishing effect on the most sensitive parts of the penis. Hereby the climax is being postponed, creating long lasting..
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Centaur Delay SprayCentaur Delay Spray is refreshing and helps to delay an ejaculation. For more control, long lasting and carefree maximum enjoyment. This unique spray is specially developed for long lasting sexual pleasure. Centaur Delay Spray cools and refreshes, whereby a wonderful feeling is be..
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Delay lubricant designed to aid delayed ejaculation and prolonged lovemaking.This gel is a safe way to get a more intense and satisfying orgasm. HOW TO USE:Gently apply a small amount of gel to the glans of your penis and leave to dry for a few minutes.For the first time, it is ..
Ex Tax:€11.56
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