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Her Little Gems Trainer SetShe knew it was the right time for her to surprise her lover with anal sex play. She wanted to be ready so it would feel as good as her partner’s finger had. She chose Her Little Gems Trainer Set because the three spade-shaped sizes were all perfect for loosening, stretchi..
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Combining three smooth, classically shaped pieces from ns novelties, this perfect trio of silicone plugs graduate gently in size from teasing to filling, making for completely customized anal play.Barely larger than a finger, the smallest of the plugs very gently stretches the anal opening, ..
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Brand: CALEX
Increase and maximize your intimate pleasure with the Ultimate Triple Stimulator. The erotic and exotic couple’s enhancer delivers intensely satisfying ecstasy for him and her. The supportive penis ring boasts triple contact action that stimulates your every desire. Enjoy the ultimate DP exp..
Ex Tax:€21.07
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