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This strap-on system is totally unique, and technically wrongly named, because there are no straps at all. The Ultimate Strapless Strap-On's long, deeply pleasing shaft is held in place by the wearer's pelvic floor muscles. A big, g-spot targeting bulb fits securely very pleasurably in the vaginal c..
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Brand: WE-VIBE
We-Vibe ChorusThe most intuitive couples vibrator by We-Vibe, ever. Download the free We-Connect app to unlock touch-responsive vibrations, long-distance connectivity and more. Great sex is all about intuition - moving and experimenting until you find just the right touch to send you over. It’s lik..
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Brand: WE-VIBE
We-Vibe DittoDiscover the excitement of anal play with Ditto by We-Vibe™, a vibrating plug. Use it during foreplay or sex, the choice is yours and so is the pleasure. Ditto adds new stimulation to your intimate play during masturbation, foreplay and intercourse. Simply plug and play. Slim and made o..
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Brand: WE-VIBE
We-Vibe MatchIgnite your sex life with rumbly vibrations you'll both enjoy. Meet your perfect match. Match is a couples vibrator that's worn during sex, delivering intense stimulation and rumbly vibrations to both the G-spot and clitoris. Match's remote allows you to select intensity and vibration m..
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Brand: WE-VIBE
We-Vibe PivotPivot by We-Vibe™ provides both comfort and stability allowing for a variety of positions during sex. A high quality ring that provides clitoral stimulation during sex and enhances pleasure for both partners. Soft, stretchy and comfortable, Pivot is made with silky smooth silicone that ..
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Brand: WE-VIBE
We-Vibe Sync couplesGet closer than ever with Sync’s innovative features. Sync is designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex. She gets powerful stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot and together, you both share the vibe. Not two bodies are the same. That’s why Sync can be adjusted to fit your..
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Brand: WE-VIBE
We-Vibe UniteTurn up the passion in your relationship with Unite’s unique design, made just for two. Unite™ provides hands-free clitoral stimulation for her, with a slim design that’s comfortable and fun for you both. Straightforward and simple to use so you can explore new levels of passion and pla..
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Brand: WE-VIBE
We-Vibe VergeA new and exciting way to experience pleasure with a partner or on your own. Penis rings are designed for fuller longer-lasting erections and more powerful orgasms. Verge has the added benefit of stimulating the perineum. Verge stimulates the perineum, an erogenous zone that responds to..
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