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Brand: CALEX
Bendie Stud Over & UnderThe Bendie™ Power Stud™ - Over & Under™ is a soft, power-packed stud that flexes and bends for multi-directional positioning. Featuring 3 intense speeds and exciting dual motors, our Over & Under has easy push-button control for the ultimate simplicity in sensual excitement. ..
Ex Tax:€18.17
Dual-Flex Silicone VibratorDesigned for intensely pleasurable partner and solo play, this bendable silicone double dong features independently-controlled motors in each end. Because each motor has its own button, one end can be powered off completely while the other is active, or each can be set to ..
Ex Tax:€78.09
Flare BunnyLight up your love life with the Flare from the LUZ by TOYJOY Lovelight Collection. The Flare is a unique double stimulating vibrator with 7 thrilling settings. This chic, sensational design is made of premium, soft touch silicone and has two separate vibrating tips. The dual-motored Fla..
Ex Tax:€30.57
The Infinity Double Dildo by TOYJOY Designer Edition - In sync motions for endless orgasms. This sleek dual-ended dildo offers twice the intimate fun and intense satisfaction! The Infinity also features unique in-sync motions, allowing you to use both ends simultaneously for an all-encompass..
Ex Tax:€30.57
Brand: CALEX
Wp Pwr Stud Over & UnderThe Waterproof Power Stud Over & Under proves that two dongs are better than one. This power-packed stimulator is the perfect sensual toy to enjoy heavenly double penetration. Explore your naughty side and indulge in pleasure in two of your most sensitive spots. The double pe..
Ex Tax:€14.04
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