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ANAL TOYS The pleasure of anal sex is being discovered by more and more people. Fortunately, because for a long time this sensitive spot was completely in the dark. Anal stimulation is super exciting, because there are many nerve endings in the anus and they provide a sensational feeling. You can of course stimulate this nice spot with your finger, but with the anal toys from it gets even better. Whether you use butt plugs, anal beads, prostate stimulators or the heavier fist toys, it will only get better.
Hünkyjunk makes a very cool asslock--RIPPLE connects a rubbery c-ring to a shaft with rippled taint-rubbing humps to a buttplug designed to work your prostate. Every movement, every JO stroke pulls on the plug and rubs your taint—it feels amazing. Asslocks are a great toy for JO play, or wea..
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