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Anal / Vaginal Shower

For optimum hygiene or as a foreplay Intimate showers are ideal for quick and easy washing of the intimate parts such as the vagina or anus. Secret Desire has various intimate showers in the range for both anal and vaginal for a wonderfully fresh feeling. In addition to hygiene, the intimate showers also provide a wonderful stimulation.

AQUAstick Douche AttachmentAquastick Douche Attach..
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Bathmate Hydro Rocket doucheA simple, effective option for personal hygiene and confidence, the Bathmate Hydro Rocket is an effective, convenient-to-use douche. With a completely body-safe design, an effective no-return valve completely preventing any contamination, and an unobtrusive appearance, th..
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Bathmate Shower StrapWhile any of our Bathmate penis pump options can be used easily in the shower (or bath), a lot of our users want to be able to concentrate on taking a shower while carrying out their Bathmate routine, rather than being wholly focused on the pump. Designed to support them, the Ba..
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Brand: CALEX
Booty Call Booty BlasterBooty Call Booty Blaster is a body safe cleaning system with easy squeeze bulb. The nozzle design is slender and curved for comfort and reach. This body safe cleaning system can be filled with your favorite liquid, and disassmbles easily for sanitation after use. The TPE tip ..
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