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Toy cleaner is used for cleaning sex toys after use. This keeps the sex toys hygienic and safe to use. The sex toys also stay in good condition by cleaning them regularly. The toycleaners remove bacteria and kill the fungi that may end up on the sex toys or remain behind. At Secret Desire you can choose from different touraners.
Bathmate - Anal CleanBathmate’s Anal Toy Cleaner is the world’s first toy cleaner that is formulated specifically for use on anal toys. The alcohol-free formula is free from parabens and contains anionic surfactants for the complete removal of faecal matter. Combined with its easy-to-use ergonomic s..
Ex Tax:€9.08
Brand: HOT
HOT Bio Cleaner 150mlHot Bio Cleaner 150ml..
Ex Tax:€11.15
Brand: STIMUL8
S8 Renewal Powder 60grTake care of your favorite Realistic Skin products and keep them feeling fresh and new with S8 Renewal Powder. Wash and dry your Realistic Skin toy. Apply a good amount of the powder and gently rub it in until your toy feels soft and smooth again.New..
Ex Tax:€3.30
Brand: STIMUL8
S8 Toycleaner 150mlEnjoy maximum hygiene of your intimate toys with the quality S8 Toycleaner. This premium formula ensures your favorite novelties will remain sparkly clean and fresh: simply by spraying them with this body-safe product before and after usage. Keeping the ingredients as natural as p..
Ex Tax:€3.30
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