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MASTURBATION SLEEVES – Other names include “Onaholes” or “Fleshlights” (a famous brand). 
They are soft, skin-like, flexible tubes to go around the penis and provide extra stimulation during masturbation.
Some have one hole with a closed end at the other or two holes to make an open end. 
They can look like simple tubes or more elaborate reproductions of vaginas or anuses. 
The term “Fifi” is a one-use disposable sleeve masturabtor.
Brand: CALEX
Advanced Silicone Pump Sleeve - Enjoy a pumping experience with extreme comfort and protection and add the Advanced Silicone Pump Sleeve to your favorite pump. This flexible, stretchy, and protective sleeve does away with uncomfortable suction for a totally luxurious experience. Penis pumps work by ..
Ex Tax:€5.36
Brand: CALEX
Automatic Smart Pump SleeveReady for an ultra-comfortable pumping session or would you rather indulge in a some sensational solo play? Whatever you're craving, the Optimum™ Series Automatic Smart Pump™ Replacement sleeve is ready to take your pleasure to the next level. This ultra-stretchy, ultra-ti..
Ex Tax:€10.32
Brand: CALEX
The exotic Pureskin Pump Pussy Sleeve offers a realistic life-like encounter every time you use your favorite love pump to super size. The easy to fit, super soft, ultra smooth and stretchy circular sleeve is suitable for use with most standard size penis pump cylinder.The compact and disc..
Ex Tax:€7.02
Renegade Universal Sleeve XLRenegade’s Universal Pump Sleeve XL is a universal fit with any 2.5 inch pump cylinder. Enjoy an airtight experience unlike any other. Made of super-soft silicone, it creates a perfect seal for maximum pleasure. Suitable with all lubricants.New..
Ex Tax:€13.21
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