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CLITORAL PUMPS - Similar to the penis-pump concept - 
meant to increase blood flow to the genital area and help with orgasm.
Automatic Pussy Pump- Hands-Free Suction - Individually Controlled Suction and Vibration Effects - Visually Stimulating Clear Material - 7 Unique Functions - Ergonomically Designed Transparent Cup with Soft Premium Silicone Rim - Quick-Release Button for Fast, Safe Removal - Velvety Soft Comfo..
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Brand: CALEX
Full Coverage PumpIntimate Pump™ Rechargeable Full Coverage Pump - Sensually stimulate with the tickling and teasing Intimate Pump Rechargeable Full Coverage Pump. With a full coverage intimate scoop, teasing ticklers and 12 synchronized vibration and 3 suction functions, this lustful massager will ..
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Pump up the volume, and pump yourself to songs of pleasure. Super sensitize your vagina to new heights of pleasure with Doc Johnson's full size pussy pump. The new cup is shaped to fit perfectly and encloses the labia and the clitoris. Our unique release valve allows for the removal of the n..
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