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EnigmaEnigma - Designed to create the perfect orgasm, Enigma’s every detail has been beautifully crafted to deliver ultimate pleasure for the fearless woman...
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Feranti Hoopla MassagerSoftly glides and caresses with gorgeous sophistication. Elegantly sophisticated and designed with absolute pleasure in mind for you and your partner’s ultimate arousal. Hoopla’s curves will glide seductively over your body whilst it’s velvet soft lines stroke and tantalize yo..
Ex Tax:€29.74
Hand Solo 7 SpeedMay the force be with you. Pure Palm Powered Pleasure, Hand Solo is a unique open sleeve masturbator made with seductively textured inner contours. Hand Solo fits all sizes and with your firm grip will give you long lasting thrilling, throbbing sensations. Use it on yourself or get ..
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Joycicles ShimmerMake everyday feel like a special occasion. Let it’s 10 powerful vibes and spiral design caress your most intimate areas - letting the party peak when you reach your climax. Targeted stimulation | Contoured design | 10 powerful functions | Sensual massager | 100% waterproof...
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MEN-X Ibex 10-speedIBEX - Feel the Twist and Grip. Feel the power of the beast as Ibex leaps into action. Each strong masculine curve and sensory nodule has been applied to the butt plug and C ring to deliver maximum effect on insertion and for duo use. Ibex’s flange and tapered neck holds the plug ..
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RemixRemix. Come Together Right Now! Let Remix join you and your favourite squeeze closer together in a fusion of lust. This clever multi-way cock, ball, and clitoral stimulator is designed to bring close contact pleasure for him and for her in all sorts of ways so you can explore, tease and enjoy ..
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Rise 10 Speed Usb RechargeableTrue pleasure knows no compromise. Rise - the ultimate combination of innovation and attitude. Sleek, sensual curves fuse with cutting edge engineering to deliver strength and prolonged pleasure. Crafted for maximum gratification, every high-octane pulsation of this pre..
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Ro-JiraThe perfect twist. Peachy Soft, but oh so very powerful, RO-JIRA is tactile, luxuriously sensory and totally indulgent. RO-JIRA will tease, tantalise and take you to all the places you’ve fantasised about and beyond. Fully rechargeable and 100% waterproof so you can relax and enjoy the RO-Jir..
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ZeppelinaZEPPELINA - Rechargeable Vibromatic. Dr Rocco will take you on an adventure deep into your imagination. Feast your eyes on gadgets and remarkable devices that will excite, titillate and satisfy the most adventurous sexual appetites. Uniquely crafted to time-span the ages for a truly orgasmi..
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